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In 1958, Franz Larese and Jürg Janett founded the "Galerie im Erker" in the Spisergasse, St. Gallen.
From the beginning, they used original lithograph posters to announce their exhibitions, printed by Stahlberger, St. Gallen.
In 1962, the gallery moved to the Gallusplatz and  establishment an own print shop, the: "Erker-Presse".
Until 1990 they printed a large number of posters, graphics editions and artists' books.
In the sixties there were posters for the gallery Räber bearing the imprint "Räber & Cie, Lucerne".
Those lithographs were also printed  by the Erker-Presse.
In 1973 the gallery was renamed to "Erker-Galerie".
In 1990, the Erker-Presse was taken over by their printer Urban Stoob and continued as "Stoob-Steindruck".
All lithographs from the Erker-Presse were drawn directly on the stone by the artists themselves.
Neither zinc plates, nor transfer papers were used.
There was no "artistic support" by professinal lithographers. On many posters you will find the embossing of the stone similar to etchings.

A wide selection of handsigned original lithographs from the Erker-Presse
you will find at:

Archipenko, Alexander
Arp, Jean
Belling, Rudolf
Bergmann, Anna-Eva
Bill, Max
Bott, Francis
Brignoni, Serge
Bryen, Camille
Capogrossi, Giuseppe
Chillida, Eduardo
Dix, Otto
Dorazo, Piero
Erben, Ulrich
Förg, Günther
Hartung, Hans
Heckel, Erich
Heiliger, Bernhard
Ionesco, Eugène
Jaenisch, Hans
Jorn, Asger
Lanskoy, André
Magnelli, Alberto
Manzú, Giacomo
Motherwell, Robert
Nay, Ernst Wilhelm
Poliakoff, Serge
Prantl Karl
Puig, August
Saetti, Bruno
Santomaso, Giuseppe
Schneider, Gérard
Soulages, Pierre
Stadler, Toni
Stanzani, Emilio
Tàpies, Antoni
Tobey, Mark
Uecker, Günther
Winter, Fritz
Wotruba, Fritz
Zadkine, Ossip

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